Hard truths about toast and other soft food tips for aged care

Many residents of aged care facilities love having toast for breakfast. What many staff don’t realise, though, is that toast is classified as a normal texture food. According to the Australian standardised definitions and terminology for texture-modified foods and fluids, toast is only suitable for people on a normal diet…… read more

“Why can’t I eat that?” ‘Dignity of Risk’ in Dysphagia Management in Aged Care

Dysphagia is a growing health concern in our aging population with many complex health conditions impacting swallowing function. It is reported up to 65% of residents living in residential aged care have dysphagia. Speech Pathologists assess and manage residents swallowing ability, support meal time management and advise on optimal diets and fluids based on each residents clinical assessment, medical conditions and presenting signs and symptoms…… read more

How to manage dysphagia

Difficulty with swallowing (dysphagia) is common in people with dementia and often has serious health consequences,including malnutrition and even death. Speech pathologist Bernadette Dutton explains why and outlines strategies care staff can use to support safe swallowing and help someone with dysphagia maintain the pleasures of tasting and eating for as long as possible…… read more

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