Conditions We Treat

April 6, 2017 In: Team Comments (None)

Loqui Speech Pathology specialises in the assessment and management of speech, swallowing, voice and communication difficulties in adults. Our primary focus is the provision of services to aged care facilities in Queensland and New South Wales. Loqui staff provide mobile speech pathology services to aged care recipients in residential aged care facilities and to clients in their home to assess, treat and manage their speech, swallowing and or communication needs. We respond promptly to referrals and can visit within 2 days for high priority and urgent referrals. If required we will call the resident’s family to discuss our assessments and results or coordinate with the residents family to be present at the time of the assessment. Conditions we treat :

  • Swallowing Impairments (i.e. dysphagia)
  • Speech Impairments (i.e. dyspraxia or dysarthria)
  • Language or Communication Impairments (i.e. aphasia)
  • Voice impairments (i.e. dysphonia)

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