Brisbane Voice Clinic

Evidenced-Based Treatment of:

  • Voice
  • Chronic Cough
  • Paradoxical Vocal Fold Movement (PVFM) 
  • Exercise Induced Laryngeal Obstruction in Athletes
  • Globus – sensation of a lump in the throat

We offer:  

  • Personalised Therapy Programs
  • Vocal Unloading/Myofascial Release (Massage for the throat) 
  • Video-conferencing/ Telehealth 

Our Services Include:

– Saturday appointments
Video-conferencing/Tele-health for patients in regional and remote Australia or for patients in quarantine 

Services for Children (6 years +) and Adults 

We are pleased to provide services for  children aged 6 years+ (voice, chronic cough and PVFM/VCD only) and for adults


Contact Us!

Conveniently Located within the Headache Neck and Jaw Clinic in Nundah(It has a bright blue door) 

A: 2/1471 Sandgate Road, Nundah QLD 4012
E: referrals@loqui.com.au
Ph: 0417 004 664           F: 07 3144 5617

PARKING: We recommend you park on Robinson Rd, the left hand turn just north of the Go-Gecko


Appointments Available: 
Tuesdays: 8:30am- 6:00pm
Fridays and other days by appointment

Session Costs*

* These costs do not apply to patients funded by NDIS, DVA, Workcover as these schemes have different payment schedules and reporting requirements. Please see below for further information.  

We can help you develop 
a clearer voice,
a stronger voice,
a voice that is effortless,
a voice that lasts longer,
a wider pitch range,
the pitch that feels right to you 

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About Our Team

Bernadette Dutton  BSpPath, CPSP*

Member of the Australian Voice Association. 

Bernadette Dutton, Principal of Loqui Speech Pathology is a qualified speech pathologist, highly experienced in the assessment and management of voice disorders, chronic refractory cough,  VCD/PVFM and voice therapy for professional voice users.

Bernadette brings to the clinic more than 20 years voice experience, having worked as a senior ENT speech pathologists in both outpatient and inpatient tertiary hospital settings.

Bernadette has managed voice diagnostic, voice therapy and spasmodic dysphonia clinics. She is also a clinical educator at the University of Queensland and Australian Catholic University voice clinics. 

Bernadette sings in a Brisbane choir and conducts a Wellness Choir for seniors and people with neurological conditions. 


Downloads and Links

1. Entire Steam-Straws-Stroboscopy: An Update on Vocal Health ANCA Choralfest 2019: All 63 Slides of the presentation. 
Links to key videos (as these don’t seem to be working from the pdf) 
Slide 7: 
Nasendoscopy/ with labelling of the anatomy. Slide 8: High Speed Digital Videolaryngoscopy. Slide 12:Swallowing Animation Slide 37: Standard Laryngoscopy Slide 38: Stroboscopy

2. Take Home Messages Steam-Straws-Stroboscopy-Choralfest 2019: The key messages and resources summarised in 9 slides. 

3. 7 Ways to Help Your Voice: Our ebook on the 7 most essential aspects of voice care


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