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To maximise communication
and enable safe and enjoyable
eating and drinking

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The Loqui Speech Pathology Team currently consist of speech pathologists with extensive experience working in aged care. The team members meet regularly and have developed practice guidelines to provide a service that is consistent across staff and sites.


Loqui Speech Pathology has a special interest in the assessment and management of speech, swallowing, voice and communication difficulties in adults. Staff provide mobile speech pathology and telehealth services to aged care recipients in residential aged care facilities.


Loqui can provide up to date, evidence-based education and training to all facility staff whose performance directly influences individual resident's quality care. Talks and seminars can be presented Nursing staff and Endorsed Enrolled Nurses. Chefs, kitchen, Clinical and managerial staff.


There are many Organisations and Associations available to the general public that help to provide individual therapy and advice or direction to clients, carers and other professionals. Below are links that Loqui Speech Pathology believe will help to support you with all your needs.

Speech Pathology Services Australia Wide

What Loqui Offers

Loqui Speech Pathology is:

  • Leading change and innovation in community and aged care services.
  • Delivering client and resident-focused care.
  • Motivated to deliver individualised and high-quality, evidence-based speech pathology services.

Benefits of using Loqui

"Provision of a proactive service for the management and review of residents’ swallowing and communication needs. This reduces the administrative workload of facility staff and ensures residents’ optimal care needs are met."
Proactive Service
"Clear communication with families to explain speech pathology advice, reducing clinical staff time.

This improves resident and family satisfaction and minimises complaints."
Clear Communication
Service by speech pathologists with experience managing complex dysphagia, such as tracheostomy care, medically unstable residents, high or known aspiration risk, PEG feeds, head and neck cancer and palliative care.
Experienced Speech Pathologists

Loqui's Latest

Getting Ready for the New International Dysphagia DIet Standards - IDDSI

Download your Complementary Poster Here – All Diet and Fluid levels described in easy-to- understand terms. 

From May 1, Australia will start using the new International Dysphagia Diet Standards (IDDSI) IDDSI is the new international diet standard that will be used to describe all food texture and drink thickness.  It will be used across the world, for everyone from 0-115 years, in all care, hospital, community and industry settings. It is important that a person with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) is provided the prescribed diet and drinks to ensure they can eat, chew and swallow safely. Swallowing problems can lead to medical complications such as chest infections, life-threating choking incidents and malnutrition. The IDDSI classifications is a way to ensure everyone supporting a person with dysphagia uses the same terminology to describe food textures and drink thickness to maximise safety for people living with dysphagia.  

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Download: Loqui Brief Description of IDDSI Standards

Click below to book your IDDSI Education with Loqui.

Loqui You Tube Channel

Loqui’s YouTube channel features a series of videos highlighting key learning areas to support carer, clinical and catering education.
Watch any of our videos on;
  • Texture Modified Diets 
  • Thickened Fluids
  • Oral Cares – why they are important to prevent aspiration pneumonia and how to conduct them

Loqui Speech Pathology is a registered NDIS provider. We provide therapy services for adults requiring support with communication, language, speech, cognitive/ communication, voice and swallowing difficulties. We also provide support coordination and other NDIS funded supports including assessment, set-up and training for Assistive Technology for Augmentative and Alternative Communication.