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Speech Pathology for Adults

Servicing Aged Care Facilities in Australia

Loqui Speech Pathology specialises in the assessment and management of speech, swallowing, voice and communication difficulties in adults. We service aged care facilities and larger aged care groups throughout Australia.

We respond promptly to referrals and can visit within 2 days for high priority and urgent referrals. If required we will call the resident’s family to discuss our assessments and results or coordinate with the residents family to be present at the time of the assessment.

Service arrangements and contracts can be tailored to meet your facility’s individual needs.

Home Visiting

Loqui Speech Pathologists home visit clients in the Greater Brisbane Area. Call our office between Monday and Friday or email info@loqui.com.au to make arrangements for a home visit.


Telehealth (Delivering Speech Pathology directly to your phone, tablet or computer)

No more travel and no more waiting in clinic rooms. Loqui can deliver speech pathology services directly to clients living anywhere in Australia with Internet access.

Clients and Aged Care Facilities can now easily access specialised speech pathology services and link up with the best Loqui Speech Pathologist that can support their needs.

Anyone with Internet access can now assess a Loqui Speech Pathologist with advanced skills in the management and rehabilitation of language, speech, voice and swallowing difficulties.

Enquire today at info@loqui.com.au to arrange a teleheath consultation.


Brisbane based clinics in Ashgrove and Clayfield

When you don’t need a home visit and you can come and see us, make an appointment to see one of us at our Ashgrove or Clayfield rooms.

Call our office between Monday and Friday or email info@loqui.com.au to make arrangements for a clinic appointment.

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