Easy Referral

April 6, 2017 In: Team Comments (None)

Making referrals to Loqui Speech Pathology is easy. You can refer in 3 ways

When referring to Loqui, please tell us 3 things
(1) The name of the resident
(2) Why they need a speech pathology assessment
(3) If the referral is urgent.

When the referral is received, your speech pathologist will make an appointment to visit and assess the specified resident. This may be on their next scheduled visit to your facility; however in the event of an urgent referral, the speech pathologist will ensure the resident is seen within 1-2 days (in accordance with the National Stroke Foundation’s Clinical Guidelines).

We value highly the relationship facilities establish with a regular, visiting Loqui Speech Pathologist. A regular speech pathologist will get to know your residents and staff, your kitchen procedures and generally how your facility works. Overall this leads to more efficient, quality servicing of your facility.

Loqui Speech Pathologists are professional and will work closely with the facility to ensure residents are swallowing safely and fluid and food recommendations are tailored to meet the resident’s individual requirements. In between scheduled site visits, our speech pathologists are also able to provide phone and/or email support to clinical staff as required.

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